First Trip to Anguilla for RBAClassic

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The old saying in Anguilla is “the only stars on island are in the sky.” Come be yourself! From December 4th to December 7th, Ruben Brown, Tom Kelly, Hayes Clark, Hip Armistead, and KC You There had the pleasure of visiting the island of Anguilla in preparation of the first annual Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic. During our short 3 days we were astounded at how the island of Anguilla is behind “The Classic” and our mission to build the ‘Anguilla Youth Sports Complex.’ With the support of the government of Anguilla and the commitments from Viceroy, Cap Juluca, Temenos Golf Club, and Meads Bay Beach Villas, they are making our dreams a possibility in hosting this A-list celebrity golf tournament. Soon we  will have the hotel and  golfing four-some packages situated for guests who are going to make the journey to Anguilla to tee off at Temenos. A special thank-you to Tom McInereny (owner of  the Meads Bay Beach Villas) who is volunteering his time to lend a hand in many pieces of the puzzle.

In future news, Ruben Brown will be back in Anguilla hosting a Superbowl party with anticipation  of announcing his Anguilla Classic to the island and the world. The Ruben Brown Foundation will also be down on the island helping in a “nation-wide clean-up” in preparation for April’s activities.

Pictures cannot describe the beauty of Anguilla and its people. Anguillans are a one-of-a-kind proud community. They welcomed us with open arms. Not like your usual society, the citizens of Anguilla are so kind which a handshake or a hug from a stranger is not uncommon. The culture alone is unique with their Caribbean style seafood and their Caribbean punches. We would like to thank the Government and the citizens  of Anguilla for their warm hospitality and support of our visit and our preparation of the first annual ‘Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic’ which will take place from April 7th to April 11th, 2011.

To see more pictures of our visit to Anguilla, click on!/album.php?aid=23340&id=117932148264546

Stay tuned for future updates!


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