Febraury 6, 2011 RBAClassic Press Conference at Temenos

February 6, 2011, the Ruben Brown Foundation & KC You There, LLC. announced the Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic at a press conference held at Temenos Golf Club. The turnout was tremendous with local press who arrived with television crews and photographers.  Everyone in attendance was excited with anticipation leading up to the RBAClassic and the pre and post events leading up to the “Classic”.

During the press conference, Chief Education Officer Rhonda Connor received a wonderful surprise from Thomas Kelly and the Ruben Brown Foundation with a gracious donation of eight computers for a school in Anguilla of Mrs. Conner’s choice.  This generous gift was another symbol of the dedication and commitment towards the youth in Anguilla.

Mrs. Connor was in disbelief and replied, “the donation demonstrated awareness that education was a very special business and that technology played a very important role in the advancement of education. She expressed thanks to the donors on behalf of the Government, Ministry of Education and teachers and especially the children who will benefit from the use of the computers.”

Parliamentary Secretary, Tourism, Haydn Hughes, thanked Eddie Kelly for his generosity to the people in Anguilla, particularly the children. He was delighted that the celebrity golf tournament was coming to fruition after much discussion and planning.  Hughes stated,  “that in addition to helping the island’s youth, the Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic would put the island in the spotlight, gaining the attention of many persons and he expressed gratitude to the Ruben Brown Foundation for its contribution to Anguilla.”

The Ruben Brown Foundation and KC You There, LLC would like to thank Thomas Kelly, Tom McInerney, Chantelle Davis, Viceroy Hotel (presenting sponsor), Temenos Golf Club, and Parliamentary Secretary Haydn Hughes.

During our week stay in Anguilla we also had the priveldge of going on-air with a number of radio stations. One in particular was KoolFM 103.3, broadcasted over the Caribbean, Florida, New York & California! The Island was so welcoming and the hospitality was incredible. After staying at a friends villa, Viceroy Hotel was generous to put us up in one of their 1 bedroom suites, words can not describe how beautiful the room, hotel and view were! Check out the pictures for yourself…

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