RBAClassic Sail Boat Race..last day of events!

After all of the festivities, the very last day of events was filled with boat races, lobsters and rum punches. Boat racing is the national sport on the island of Anguilla. The beautiful Meads Bay Villas owned by Mr. Thomas McInerney (our host), had a perfect view of the races and allowed us all to relax together and get some sun! The Solaire Cup allowed for a number of team sailors to hit the waters and race to the finish line. The first place winner was ‘Light & Peace!’ Followed by 4 runner-ups.

While some individuals gathered at Meads Bay Beach, others took the trip over to Scilly Cay. A remote island, only accessible via a small 2 minute boat ride. The island is only filled by the restaurant itself and is owned by a man named “Gorgeous” and his wife Sandra. Scilly Cay is best known for their amazingly large plates filled of lobster, cray fish and chicken. However, what they are most notably known for is their popular rum punches! They have a fantastic band, made up of 4 extremely talented men who play home-made instruments and cover some of our favorite songs.

Sunday night we all came together for an intimate last night at the Sunset Lounge. Mr. Jeff David, our amazing host and General Manager of Viceroy Anguilla treated everyone to champagne and sushi!  Here are the pictures from the day and evening activities..

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