Introducing the Omen for OnCore Golf, the first of its kind

“You Just Became a Better Golfer”

To all the golfers out there. From experience, most can agree, there is nothing worse than slicing or hooking your first drive into a water hazard or into the sticks from tee box of hole 1.  Frustration, anger, and humility sets in as  your buds have a few punch lines of “you’re still up” or “why don’t we move up to the ladies tee?” . The harassment might last until the turn or until you can get back on track.

Most of us golfers search for the next ball that can improve their own slices and to shave a few off of their rounds. From the leading contenders to the range balls it seems like the golf ball industry needs new technology after being deprived for about 25 years!

Proud to say that golfer’s dreams will be coming soon with leading technology for the first hollow-metal core golf ball approved by the USGA! OnCore Golf Technology, Inc has developed a one-of-its-kind golf ball the “Omen”.  With a hollow-metal core, the Omen is statistically proven to fly straighter off the tee 30% more than the leading golf ball. Many will be happy and proud to hear, this outstanding company is based out of Buffalo, New York!

Is it too good to be true of having a golf ball to statistically fly straighter than other golf balls? Saturday, June 18, 2011 will be your chance to come out and see the Omen in action! A public demonstration of the Omen golf ball will be held at the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome from 11:00a-1:00p. Guests will also have the opportunity to test the Omen for themselves.

Also, in attendance Roberto Clemente Jr (former MLB & NYYankee broadcaster), Rick Barry (NBA Hall of Fame & 3-time Remax Champion), Temryss Lane (Fox Sports Reporter), and local athletes will also be in attendance supporting OnCore Golf’s Omen ball. For more information about the Omen golf ball, please visit!

Enjoy pictures of OnCore Golf at the Ruben Brown Anguilla Classic. A celebrity golf tournament that took place on the beautiful Island of Anguilla at Temenos Golf Course. Celebrities like Warren Sapp, Gary Payton, Kelly Perine, Temryss Lane, Rick Barry, Ruben Brown, Roberto Clemente Jr. and many NFL athletes were given a sneak peek to the OMEN, the worlds first hollow-metal core golf ball!

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