Omen Golf Ball Launches in Western New York

Once a year, Father’s Day comes and goes in June. This year for Father’s Day weekend in Buffalo, New York, OnCore Golf (a Buffalo, NY company) with their celebrity endorsers; Roberto Clemente Jr (former MLB), Rick Barry (NBA HOF), and Temryss Lane (Fox Sports Reporter) released the Omen golf ball to WNY and the nation. The Omen the world’s first hollow-metal core USGA approved golf ball. The Omen golf ball consists of leading technology to hit the golf market for more than twenty-five years.

Statistical proven, the Omen reduces a golfer’s slice and flies straighter off the tee up to thirty percent.

Is it too good to be true of having a golf ball to statistically fly straighter than other golf balls? Saturday, June 18, 2011 was your chance to come out and see the Omen in action! A public demonstration of the Omen golf ball was held at the Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome from 11am till 1pm. Guests had the opportunity to tee the Omen off for themselves.

During the duration of the golf demonstration over 100 people showed up to take a swing at the Omen. The public reactions to the Omen were phenomenal! The Pro Shop at the golf dome recently received their shipment of the Omen and within two hours they sold over 30 dozen.

Also, during Father’s Day weekend, OnCore Golf held a wine tasting and meet and greet at Buffalo’s prominent City Wine Merchant. City Wine Merchant was packed with friends, family, and investors who had the chance to chat with the creators of the Omen.

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