Brady Facts

I am getting a lot of commotion from the girls on the other great pages of the KC You There blog about following the “Editorial Calendar”. Here’s my thought, the Super Bowl is one day of the year where guys just like me feel important. It’s almost like Christmas’s hot sister, which you can’t wait for to come back into town for vacation.

Super Bowl XLVI is right on the door step for the rematch of the New York/New Jersey Giants (look at a map) holding their bragging rights against the New England Patriots. Although, I was rooting for Jimmy and Johnny Harbaugh who had both the G-Men and Pats in the bag I thought for the good of society I’d still contribute a segment. Here’s a little twist on what really matters.

My starting fantasy football team’s (Mississippi Dirtybird’s) number one overall draft pick, quarterback Tom Brady… Love him or hate him, the guy is good, however, he has been the pampered princess of the National Football League. Come on! UGG Australia has him as an endorsement. Don’t get me wrong, wearing  UGG loafers is like walking on warm little clouds. On the coldest days I don’t wear socks, shoveling snow…Still no socks…

But having my WNY roots of growing up in Buffalo, I felt I had to way out the pros and cons of Tom Brady.



The kid’s stats speak for themselves..Pretty wickedly awesome if you’re a Boston fan. Not only that I feel bad for my Bills in the AFC East, but I am pretty sure the Fins and Gang Green fans really don’t like the fact of (most of the time) an automatic  two losses on the season. I said most of the time!
Ochocinco has the best chance of winning a Super bowl because of douche… I mean doce (sorry for the typo, it means 12 in Spanish) He is a complainer. The rules of football have change, i.e. the Tuck rule, low hits on the quarterback, to even the defensive backs looking at him the wrong way. (5 yard penalty on the defense for scaring Tom Brady, repeat 1st down)
A great fantasy football pick to guarantee a playoff run. Letting my hair grow out will never happen now.
UGGs Australia is one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. FACT A lot of people are stuck on soda and are overweight because they won’t dare drink  Smart Water.
Gives any ordinary guy the high-hopes on snagging a supermodel. Most of our girlfriends thinks he’s gorgeous #totesamaze
Can make any player look great or have a record season… Went along with Billyboy with the in-game videotaping scandal.

In all honesty, it’s going to be a great Superbowl XLVI; I wish both Brady and Manning the best in the rematch. Go Bills

Where are my sunglasses,



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