Meet the Editors

We’re excited to be back, especially with the re-launch of an all new interactive lifestyle blog. No more boring posts that only cover our events and what we get to do, frankly, no one likes a show off. We’ve come back with not only a mini face-lift, but a whole new group of fabulous editors. We’ll take you behind-the-scenes, guide you through the world of fashion, beauty and travel, while providing you with DIY (do-it-yourself) tips for entertaining, style, cooking & so much more. No worries, we’ll still be covering major events and PR campaigns. Of course we can’t forget about the guys, you’ll be able to hang out in ‘Curt’s Corner,’ your online man-cave.

Meet ERIN – She will be managing the blog and will also contribute to the Style & Social sector – amazing multi-tasker. You’d definitely think she was from NY! What to expect: “As the editor of Style & Social, it’s my role to bring our readers the latest trends in style, social events, and social media. For instance, this month we’ll be going behind the scenes at Fashion Week, interviewing the creators of my latest obsession (hint: shopping the hottest closets from your iPhone!), showing you how to wear Spring/Summer trends (on a real budget), and showcasing some upcoming events at KC You There.” – ER

Meet LINDSAY – Founder of Lola Pearl Bakes & DIY editor – if you haven’t had your morning coffee, you won’t need to with her around. Parisian at heart. What to expect: “Check out this section of the blog for seasonal crafts and recipes. It’s so important to take advantage of the season when cooking and decorating, and when you merge that with what makes you happy, you’ve got a great DIY project!” – LG

Meet LAUREN aka Lauralai – Beauty & Lifestyle editor. Has her own Youtube channel and is clearly making us all look bad with her gorgeous bio pic! What to expect: “The Beauty & Lifestyle section of KC You There strives to empower readers with playful trends, tips, products, and advice on everything from makeup to hygiene.  Reviews, tutorials and industry news are all on the radar to keep you in touch with your inner glam gal and, of course, questions are always welcome.  Don’t hesitate to ask Lauren!” – LC

Meet KRISTY– Travel editor & our beloved Canadian. When she says she’s going to do something/go somewhere, you better believe she’s booking her trip 2 minutes later. What to expect: “Travel posts focused on millennials and young professionals – this isn’t your grandma’s travel agent hawking time shares, all-inclusives and cruises to the Caribbean. That means – must see destinations (whether they be on or off the beaten path), information on some of the best vacation deals, reviews of my recent trips, recommended itineraries, latest travel trends and news, must have travel accessories, and tips and tricks to make traveling one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine” – KQ

Meet CURT – Co-founder of KC You There and editor of Curt’s Corner – yes, there will be a men’s only section & he has some great ideas! What to expect: “Guys and Gals brace yourself, Curt’s Corner is going to be a fun, sarcastic, but informational way to spread the good word of the day to all of his viewers. From sports to relationships to a bit of style, you will be getting an honest point of view from a regular guy. No, Curt’s Corner isn’t a place to always necessary side with the guys all the time. Curt’s Corner can be pro-ladies at some points  by being levelheaded with his philosophical views.. Not Aristotle, but a close second!” – CR

& then there’s me, KARINA – Co-founder of KC You There and editorial director. Perfectionist, made for New York, not a morning person. What to expect: “I love it all, so expect variety.”


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