Valentine’s Day Countdown: Prep Your Pout

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with winter in full effect it’s important not to neglect your kissers. Lips require prep and prime attention just like your eyelids, so follow these simple steps to ensure a supple kiss-worthy pout.

Prior to applying my makeup, but after a cleansing and toning, I always add a nice shellacking of Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline to my lips. After applying my makeup, the final step in my beauty routine is to focus on my mouth.  I take a warm washcloth and gently wipe away the Vaseline, apply a thin layer of lip balm (EOS Lip Balm Spheres are my favorite), and prime with a touch of BH Cosmetics Eye and Lip Primerto neutralize the color of my highly pigmented lips. The result: a perfectly prepped and primed base to apply liner and lipstick.

**V-Day Tip: I know we all love lip gloss, but do your Valentine a favor and skip it for this occasion. Nothing is less appetizing for a guy than the sticky transfer of lip gloss. When I foresee a kisstastic evening, I prefer to use stains like Revlon Just Bitten to avoid any transfer whatsoever. And don’t forget to brush your teeth! 

Let’s be honest, sometimes the basic lip balm routine just doesn’t cut it. On days where you feel like your lips have a bit of extra dryness try a lip scrub to exfoliate away the rough spots. Rather than dish out the cash on a pricey potion, give this simple DIY lip scrub a try.

What You’ll Need

  1. Vaseline or Un-petroleum Jelly
  2. Chapstick or lip balm of your choice
  3. Olive oil or Almond oil (I prefer almond but only had olive oil at the time)
  4. A drop or two of honey
  5. Sugar
  6. An empty cosmetic travel container or an empty makeup container like I’ve used (Mac concealer pot)

Create Your Concoction

Note, I don’t use exact measurements. Eyeball the amount of ingredients to best fit your container.

  1. Mix together the Vaseline & a hunk of chapstick in the container.
  2. Once mixed, add a few drops of the oil and mix until you have a very thick consistency.
  3. Add the honey and a few heavy dashes of ungranulated sugar, mix to combine.

Recommended Lip Scrub Usage

  1. Place a small amount on you finger and gently rub it all over the top & bottom lips
  2. I prefer to leave it on for a minute or so and then wipe it away with a warm damp washcloth
  3. At this point your lips should feel as smooth as a baby’s toosh. You’ll also notice increased blood flow, which results in greater pigmentation and plumpness
  4. Apply another thin layer of chapstick and, if proceeding to lipstick, prime your lips to even out the pigmentation prior to application.

Happy smooching,



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Countdown: Prep Your Pout

  1. I just got the Just Bitten lip stain and I love it! Definitely kissable 😉 Thanks for the tips on exfoliating my pout…I’m ready to give them a try tonight!


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