How do you Pin?

Kate Spade, Nina Garcia, and P.S.-I made this, are a few brands who seem like a natural fit for the latest social media craze, Pinterest.  Now integrated with Facebook, it seems like everyone from your roommate to your favorite social media brand is pinning away (OscarPRGirl, anyone?). If you’re not familiar, it’s a self-described virtual pinboard, which you can use to draw inspiration from other followers, blogs, and websites, for wedding plans, home decor, fashion, recipes, and tons more. Even the less fashionable brands, say, Cabot Cheese, are using Pinterest for marketing.  The Vermont based cheese producers are using Pinterest to share recipes and gorgeous shots of Vermont. I wouldn’t typically follow Cabot Cheese on Twitter or Facebook, but I’ve certainly became more aware of their brand after stumbling across their pin boards.

                                        Pinterest: KC You There

There’s been some chatter in the social media scene lately on brands using Pinterest. While the above mentioned are a natural fit, Pinterest’s guidelines specify “try not to use Pinterest purely as a tool for self-promotion”. Take Rent the Runway, the popular website where you can rent designer dresses & accessories for a fraction of the cost (a must for anyone in the PR world!). Between their “new arrivals” board and number of pins from their own website, it runs a fine line between inspiring others and blatant self-promotion.

If you’re already following KC You There (if not, you should!), you’ll see Team KC draws inspiration from Pinterest using DIY tips, wedding decor, and style boards. Anyone who comes across KC You There’s pin boards will know what they can expect out of their events. “I basically wanted to showcase things we love”, said Karina Lopez, co-owner of KC You There, “I think it represents us being classic, but also having a little fun. For instance, our board “Wedding Fun” are tips that can be used for more than just weddings”.

                                     KC You There's Wedding Fun Pin Board

#TeamKC wants to know- how do you use Pinterest? Who are your “must follow”?

Here’s a list of some of our favorites:



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