The Myth of the Hall Pass

In every great or brutal relationship, there has been an emerging intangible card that every guy or gal thinks they have in their pocket; the Hall Pass… Basically, a hall pass (I’m only describing it for those who don’t have a television or don’t like comedies) is a consensual agreement between two partners about having a free ride for a short amount of time to do whatever, whenever, and whomever they want.

This theory has become so popular in American culture that they have started to make movies out of the concept. For example, “Hall Pass” (2011) starring Owen Wilson and that funny old guy from SNL where two husbands have a chance of being single for one week. No, I am not a movie critic for those who haven’t seen the movie. Go check out the flick (Spoiler Alert).

From a guy’s point of view the hall pass doesn’t exist. You can call me whatever you want, but if you’re in a relationship that means you are committed to your partner. If you have any thoughts or jokingly the conversation does arise about a hall pass, something is wrong. Pick up your game guys, surprise your girl with romance, take her out, let her go on a shopping spree. Keep it fresh inside and outside the bedroom.

Sure every guy thinks about trying to get away with something. **Statistically proven, 85% of us talk a big game and don’t have the stones to do it, 15% of us are just schleps that will unfortunately take advantage of the situation and should be single anyways.

Women always find out the truth no matter what. Personally, I think that they’re all detectives. Bottom line, you will not get away with it. So if the word Hall Pass, Freebie, Pass Go and Collect $200 are mentioned; don’t do it, you’ll probably be paying $200 to collect some kind of disease.

Be safe, be honest (as guys we already have bad reps), if not.. get out… I’m going to wrap this up and get going (insert joke here).

**Percentages may fluctuate of being a schlep. No offense…

Where are my sunglasses,



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