Polyvore: Let Your Inner Trendsetter Shine

For those of you who haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, Polyvore is a platform that allows users to mix their favorite products from across the web onto a digital canvas to create mood boards or “sets.” Everyone from fashionistas to beauty lovers are now granted easy access to create magazine-worthy lookbooks, wish lists, and trendsetting spreads while doing so with a social spin.
As users gained followers, the popularity of the site skyrocketed with sets spreading through blogs, Facebook pages, and eventually to e-commerce sites. With all products being linked back to the source site, it was a natural progression for retailers to work with Polyvore to showcase their products.  Major brands such as PINK, Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff launched creative challenges to better connect with their consumers. Since it’s launch five years ago Polyvore has been able to integrate numerous industries into their community. Beauty brands like Covergirl have also collaborated to explore their the non-traditional media strategies within the social media world to maximize their presence.

Designers and digital marketing agencies alike agree that partnering with a social media site like Polyvore allows consumers to connect with the brand on a different level. Consumers are constantly seeking new and creative ways to access their favorite brands and Polyvore is a great tool in their next step.

So what’ next for Polyvore?  With over 13 million monthly unique visitors and 42 million sets shared across the web, it’s only a matter of time until we see everything from furniture stores like Restoration Hardware to the tourism industry taking advantage.

Until then, keep clipping, creating and sharing!



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