Introducing Stylitics: Your Closet, Only Smarter

Introducing Stylitics: your closet, only smarter. A virtual closet that allows users to see not only their entire wardrobe, but their personal style trends, outfit history, and connect with their favorite brands. Forgotten scarf lost in the jumble of your closet? Bring it front and center with the accessories shelf! Haven’t worn that blouse since your college internship? Might be time to declutter.

The thought behind Stylitics was to bring a solution to users to make informed decisions about their wardrobe. Going beyond Cher’s iconic closet from Clueless, Stylitics keeps track of your outfit history, alerts you to trends in your area, and, my favorite feature, gives you new ideas for how to wear the items in your closet.

“The key is making it fun to use and really beneficial for the consumer, which we have done. For example, add an item in Stylitics, and you will immediately see personal facts about the item such as the last time you wore it or brands you wear the most with it. You can also get rewards and incentives directly from brands” says CEO and Co-Founder, Rohan Deuskar. Visit Stylitics’ facebook page for some shots of the prizes recently awarded (Marc by Marc Jacobs tote? Yes, please!).

Stylitics also features a customized profile, where you can add style icons, favorite looks & brands, your wishlist, blogs, and trends- pin board style.

Stylitics is a great concept, for those who have the time. I was able to pull up my DL1961 straight leg jeans to add to “my closet” no problem, but had trouble pulling up more generic items like “Express cable knit sweater” or “Anthropologie floral blouse”.  If you can’t pull something up from a word search, you can manually add items by doing a Google image search or snapping a picture. For those who are looking to declutter, find out what “Tim Gunn 10 Essentials” they’re missing, or just keep track of what you wear most, Stylitics is a great tool. Stylitics is still in beta mode and invitation only, it will soon open up to the public. Visit their website to request an invite.

Will you try Stylitics?



4 thoughts on “Introducing Stylitics: Your Closet, Only Smarter

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