Luggage for Men: The Only Bags We Should Carry

Lets get something straight; guys shouldn’t carry around satchels, man bags, clutches, fanny packs, messenger bags, or anything with a strap that may land around the shoulder or waist. Not to get confused with a briefcase, fellas – that post will come at a later date.  It’s against guy code to have a bigger purse or wallet than your female companion.

The only exception I can defend is the flexibility in purchasing an array of carry-ons for travel. Upon entering an airport, you have to step up your game. Act sharp, be sharp, and look sharp! Look the part as a traveler, I cannot tell you how many travelers “people watch” in the airport – I know I do.

Yes, it can be an annoying feeling, having the sudden urge to look over your shoulder, but it happens to every traveler.  From personal experience, I dumped my ripped backpack years ago and did a gradual upgrade to something more respectable. No, I’m not saying to go out and purchase something ridiculous like a $3,000 Louis Vuitton, but find something that you deem comfortable carrying while still feeling masculine.

Here are a few of my top picks within several price ranges:


3-1 Blade Pack: $175.00                                                       Small Duffel: $40.00

North Face

Wayfinder 30’- -199.00

  Kenneth Cole

 Roma Leather Duffel Bag:  $395.00


Medium London Leather Holdall: $1,295.00

From backpacks to high-end leather duffel bags, these are some of my personal picks and suggestions. Remember, luggage can depend on the type of trip you encounter, so put a little thought into it. You never know who you might run into at the airport or what travel delay might lead you to the airport water hole for over-priced food and drinks. Someone is always watching, look sharp, look dapper.

Where are my sunglasses,



2 thoughts on “Luggage for Men: The Only Bags We Should Carry

  1. A great article! Could not agree more that one should definitely try and look their best when traveling, and the leather duffel bags are certainly the way to go in my opinion. I love my Fred Perry Holdall and use it whenever I’m traveling for a short time. For luggage, I use an all black piece from Burton Snowboards, which I love for their durability, smart design and spaciousness. I am constantly amazed at how many clothes I can pack into that thing. And the skateboard wheels they use for their luggage allows them to glide through the airport with ease.

    • I feel like durability is key! You don’t know how many times I had to purchase suitcases in a year because of the beating that they go through. I never thought of Burton I am going to look to see what the have!

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