Best Imported Beer Commercials

Here’s some homework for you fellas, watch TV! (I would probably be the best professor).  One of my favorite parts of television is always the BEER commercials. Ranging from the creativeness of Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light to Heineken; they always have the crowd laughing. Many know that sex sells and has become the front-runner for advertisement for years. For most beer advertisements, there is a commonality between every brewery/distributer and three major categories focused on sex, sarcastic humor, and outrageous circumstances (i.e. twisting off a beer cap and suddenly there’s an orgy in your swimming pool).

Before you get a head of yourself, I’m not going to show you generic, already played out, beer commercials (you know I’m better than that). Having a passion for international advertisement, beer, and humor; Below you will find my all time top five international beer commercials.

I have to warn you, some of these commercials are banned from television in the United States, but of course, international advertisements for each country have different rules and regulations!  Cheers to the good ol’ World Wide Web.

Here’s a special treat! Who doesn’t like the Dos Equis Commercials!

At Curt’s Corner, drinking responsibly is highly encouraged. If these commercials do give you the urge to drink, take a taxi, call a friend, leave the car keys at home. Don’t be that guy.

Where are my sunglasses,



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