The Pursuit of the Perfect Eyelash: LiLash

I’ve always had short, thin, and rather temperamental lashes which I tried to make longer and fuller by adding piles of mascara.  In the end, I typically ended up caving in and slapping on a pair of falsies to achieve my desired look. I envied (and still do) those with camel-esque lashes, so in a vain attempt to remedy my jealousy I started to research lash growth stimulators and serums.

I was obviously swept into the media hype surrounding the doctor prescribed serum, Latisse, but was put off by the potential side effects of darkening skin and iris color.  I’ll be damned if my baby blues were to be compromised during my ongoing pursuit of flirty lashes. I then stumbled upon LiLash, which seemed to take the beauty blogosphere by storm.

I was initially skeptical, but decided to hoard some coupons, make the purchase and give it a shot. LiLash is a purified eyelash stimulator that fortifies and conditions the lash follicles while being applied once daily along the lash line as you would an eyeliner (I chose to add it to my nighttime regimen). Results are noted to take effect after about 4 weeks, however, after reading up on user reviews a noticeable difference can be seen after 6-8 weeks of diligent application.

So we are here, 6 weeks later and the results are in. Drum roll please:

No Mascara:

With Mascara (same brand applied in both):

I must say I’ve noticed a difference in my lashes, although not the insane “I have to trim them” claims that some have made. Regardless, beggars can’t be choosers so I am floored at the progress thus far. Even my mascara seems to apply better making my lashes seem fuller than ever! If I notice crazy out of control results in the weeks to come, I will keep you posted.

Final Summation: Side Effects are said to include redness, dryness, and darkening of skin area around the lash line. I only experienced minor dryness and no other negative irritations. You need to be patient and apply the product faithfully for the first 6 weeks. If you give up before that, I can guarantee you won’t see any fabulous results. Even though the product costs a pretty penny, it breaks down to pennies a day in comparison to eyelash extensions if you think about it. So, will I continue to use LiLash? Heck yes.

Much lash love,



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