Cardinal Beauty Sin: Dirty Makeup Brushes

Although it may not seem as important as washing your face, committing the cardinal beauty sin of dirty makeup brushes can be nearly as detrimental. But what does this mean for your face? The potential of spreading bacteria or, even more gagworthy, viruses like pink eye or herpes increases exponentially with dirty brushes. Whether you’re working on a client or just an average girl applying your own make up, it just makes sense to clean those brushes! As the bristles pick up pigments and buff them into the skin, they also collect dirt, oil and bacteria. With continued use of neglected brushes, all of the above get worked back into the skin and pores.

This is a simple and avoidable complication.

What you should do: Work brush cleansing into your beauty regiment that includes spot cleaning and deep cleaning.  For those with sensitive or acne prone skin, I suggest spot cleaning your brushes after each use using a brush spray.  As a general and more realistic practice, brushes should be spot cleaned the same way at least once a week.  Spray on, wipe away. Easy as pie, no water required.

Every two weeks give your brushes a nice deep clean.

  1. Run the bristles of each brush (bristles facing down) in lukewarm water to dampen
  2. Dip the bristles into a glass of water mixed with a few drops of baby shampoo and baking soda
  3. Run the soapy bristles over a washcloth or paper towel to assist with the removal of build-up
  4. Rinse again under the faucet (bristles facing down) gently using your fingers to move the bristles around
  5. To dry, gently squeeze out the excess water, reshape the bristles and lay the brushes flat on a clean towel. *Do not dry the brushes upright as water can seep back into the brush, thus compromising the strength of the glue etc.

Not only does cleaning your brushes spare your pores, but it keeps the bristles nice and soft in the ideal state for makeup application.

Lesson learned: Take care of your makeup brushes and in the end, they will take care of you!



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