Is Your Makeup Collection Bordering Hoarder Status?

We all have our dirty little secrets – those impulsive habits that we like to keep on the DL.  Mine just so happens to kick in every time I pass a Sephora or Ulta. It’s true. I’m a self-diagnosed impulsive beauty buyer, but I’ve learned to manage my tendencies, have you? The first step in realizing your habits is to assess whether or not your stash has gotten out of control.

Ask yourself these simple questions and if you answer yes to at least two, it’s time for a reassessment (applies to those who are not makeup artists by trade).

Do you purchase beauty products so frequently throughout the month that it has compromised your savings goals or even worse, the ability to pay your bills on time?
Do you have beauty products that haven’t been worn in the last four months, if at all, yet you keep them anyway?
Do you neglect to read expiry dates on makeup products?
Do you have 8,675,309 dupes of the same color?
Is your storage space is overflowing and unorganized?
Do you have trouble naming every single makeup product you bought a month ago?

Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Out and Organizing your Makeup Stash

  1. Lay it all out there. Gather up every single makeup item in your collection and dump it in front of you. Yes, this includes the 5 lip balms that have been laying in the bottom of your purse for month now.
  2. Organize the makeup into groups. Glosses, shadows, etc.
  3. Let the purging process begin. Rules of thumb: Product 2+ years old? Ew, toss it. Liquids that are beginning to separate? Ew, toss it. Keep up with expiry dates and be sure to stay on top of this moving forward. Assess where you are in your life and what products work for you – if you’re in your late 20’s (and not a makeup artist) do you still really need all of those glitter liners??
  4. To save space, organize shadows and blushes into palettes like these.
  5. If you’ve purchased a foundation that is too light/dark, don’t let it sit there and go to waste.  Get your mixology on and combine various foundations you have on hand to reach your desired shade.
  6. Purchase a few Tupperware tubs or my personal favorite, a few Muji drawers for storage.  Your entire makeup stockpile must fit within these containers, no overflow and no BUTS! Avoid dumping a hodge-podge of makeup goodies into one large makeup bag where products can easily spill and become neglected.
  7. Work out a budget and stick to it.
  8. If you purchase something new, purge something old.

You and your makeup should have a harmonious relationship. Think of it as the sprinkles on the sundae, not the sundae itself. Avoid purchasing items just because a top beauty blogger or Youtube guru said it was their favorite. Treat yourself to those suggestions only when you have used up the present product you are currently sporting.

Spring cleaning calls,



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