Sandals vs. Mandals

Spring is here with the temperature on the rise. Personally, once mother nature fondles with the thermostat setting it close 60 degrees; the shoes are thrown in the closet and the sandals are back on the sole. Being a guy and having ugly feet, I can contest to the fact of not feeling too hot when wearing sandals because of the insecurities of the un-pedicure bricks that I walk on.

Sure, sneakers are cool to wear throughout the summer, but what you actually need is a few pair of sandals to complete your summer look for the beach, on vaca, to a night out on the town.

One topic that gets distorted when talking about sandals is the classifying all sandals as a “Mandal”. Yes, your best buds might razz on you for wearing a pair of flops, let them sweat in gym socks and dirty sneakers during the scorching summer months while your feet are feeling fresh and most importantly keeping cool.

Definition of the Mandal:

**Mandal (n.)- Tourist foot-wear to match their fanny-pack, kid leash, and gross chap stick. Also referred as the “Air Jesus”,where three to five straps or strings wrap the toes to the ankle for great tan lines. Don’t be that guy.

Common example of the Mandal:

Here are some simple flops that I personally wear for different occasions:

Havaianas: $18-$36

Great for the beach, wearing to the gym/sports, or a casual look with a pair of jeans.

Reef: $20-$70

Good for the local bar/parties, always a cool convo topic because of the handy bottle opener on the bottom of the flop.

Ohana Leather: $85

Excellent for boating or vacation; gives you a relaxed look with linen pants at the resort.

Where are my sunglasses?


**Definition of the Mandal is strictly from Curt’s Corner’s personal reference, no offense with the religious comparison with JC’s flops (the only cool pair of mandals).


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