WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?

Money, money, money, monayyyy (my theme song while writing this blog post, I kid you not) is what makes the world go around and what we use to buy goods such as clothing and food.  Not everyone has a budget to splurge on the expensive items that I put together every week so I decided to switch it up this week. What would you do with an Andrew Jackson or ten five dollar bills or even 200 quarters? You get the picture, but what would I do if I only had 50 dollars to spend on clothing?

I give you three options for purchases that come under $50.  You can complete these outfits with pieces that you probably already have in your closet. For each option that I gave you for what you can buy online or in the store for under $50.

Option 1: Mossimo Floral Denim Shorts & TopShopWoven Front Vest

Option 2: Miss Selfridges Chartreuse Body-Con Dress

Option 3: Gun N’ Roses T-Shirt &  H&M Denim Shorts

I said three options but then I found this Peter Pan White Collar Shirt and couldn’t help but to include it in this post. I offered three options under $50 because I thought of different things that I do during the week and where I would wear each one. The first option is great for days when you’re outside shopping in Georgetown (Washington, DC) or Soho. Obviously with this bodycon dress you would wear it at night out on the town or dinner with that special someone or friends celebrating a special occasion. The final option is something that I often wear to run errands at Target or lounging inside the house. All three options are great and you can style then in a way where it looks like you spent more than you really did. The execution of an outfit is what can make or break it from looking like it’s a cheap outfit.

Speaking of savings, we all know there plenty of sites that give you discounts on designer wear but I recently found out about vente-privee and definitely think it is worth at least signing up for. The next sale that will be on the website is Valentino, which I cannot wait to see what items they are selling. Also, there is another website The RealReal which offers consignment luxury goods at a great price for buyers. I browsed the website and saw a few great items up for grabs like Hermes scarves and a pair of tall leather Chloe boots (which I wouldn’t mind having in my closet).

The lesson here is simple, if you want designer goods at a cheap price its possible with so many options from consignment shops and sites like vente-prive and Gilt. Remember, you can always look amazing on a budget, it’s your confidence that says it all.

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