Ah yes, IMATS.

The International Make-up Artist Trade Show that happens once a year in six fashion epicenters around the globe. Vendors, MUAs, industry celebrities, and professionals conjure to network, teach, shop, and promote all things makeup. The show is open to the public for two out of the three runnings days where makeup enthusiasts can stock up on both exclusive and permanent items at discount prices as well as learn tips and tricks from industry insiders.

I was fortunate enough to cover the debauchery on behalf of the KC You There team.

Upon walking around the show I decided to ask people, “What is the one makeup item in your collection that symbolizes NYC?”

Aside from the beauty aspect of IMATS, a distinguishing piece of the event is the special effects makeup. It was amazing to watch live application of prosthetics and body paint by some seriously skilled artists.

Face Off season 2 contestant, Athena Zhe, working her magic.

It was also exciting to get a glimpse of famous prosthetics and face chats from movies and TV shows in the IMATS Makeup Museum.

The original face test pull of E.T. and yes, you’re seeing it correctly, “The Situation” wig worn by Lester Holt on NBC’s weekend Today.

Special thanks to Laura Dee Photography for tagging along and taking in the inspiration with me!

Until next year,



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