WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?

Men's Clothing

1. H&M White T-Shirt, BLK DNM cardigan, Striver’s Row Utility Trouser, Department 5 Classic Trouser & DKNY Men’s Soren Shoe 2. Comme des Fuckdown T-Shirt , French Connection 5-pocket Jeans, & Radii Hampton High Slim Sneaker 3. J. Crew Lightweight Striped Chambray Shirt , Ralph Lauren Vintage Chinos & Generic Surplus Ledger Boot 4. John Varvatos Grey Wool Suit

*BONUS Finds: Del Toro Velvet Slipper & Tod’s Loafer with Front Tie

This week for WWMD, I thought “well, what would I do if I was a boy?” (cue Beyonce) but then I decided to take it up a notch. WWMD if she had a boyfriend who let her dress him? If we could create my “dream” boyfriend, I would want him to be tall as Joe Manganiello (I’m 5’7 or 5’8 and I like to wear high heels), ability to make me laugh like Kevin Hart, the eyes of Michael Ealy, and have the auras of Lenny Kravitz and Idris Elba. Oh yeah, swirl in a little Shia Labeouf and Ryan Gosling then we are golden.  I’m sure you’re reading that description like girl, who are you kidding but DUH! that’s why I said dream boyfriend, and if this guy does exist, well then

Now that we have fantasy man out of the way, we can talk about my favorite thing in the world: clothes. Although men’s clothing isn’t something that I’m 100% familiar with, I do find myself wanting items that are advertised for men, which is why I have used a couple of men’s items in my earlier posts. So I don’t speak it fluently but the topic isn’t completely foreign to me.

The first three selections have very versatile uses and you probably have similar items in your closet, but I picked out better options. Don’t argue, just nod your head and agree. The first selection is a v-neck t-shirt with a cardigan by BLK DNM which I love because of the elbow patches. I gave the option to do either these olive green pants by Department 5 or the Striver’s Row camo because some guys don’t like colored pants but have no problem with a camo print…weirdos. Paired with these shoes by DKNY, you have a great look for the day. Second option isn’t too different from the first, plus it’s self-explanatory. But I love this Comme des Fuckdown shirt, not even going to front that I’m thinking about buying myself a size small in it. Not to play Devil’s advocate but say you’re wearing this shirt and your significant other or friend is being annoying-just point at the shirt and smile. Outfit #3 is a great way to impress a girl when you’re just hanging with your friends. You’re not overly dressed up but it looks like you put in a little more than the usual effort to get ready for the day. My favorite part of the look is the ledger boots that are simple and made with great material for a reasonable price in my opinion.

For suits, I personally favor the European route with a more form fitted suit. I will say this if you ever find yourself in London make sure you stop by Saville Row, it’s known for the sensational tailors that take residence in the area. Tailoring isn’t cheap but I believe it’s a great investment if you can afford to get a suit tailored. If you want something to last you over the years then you have to make the investment of spending more money than you normally would for a suit or tux.

The suit I’ve selected is from Nordstrom, which is a great place to buy your suit because with a purchase of suit or pants at full price, you are able to take advantage of a free hemming, but this is only for pants that are un-hemmed upon purchase (You can do alterations and tailoring in the store, also). I saw that Nordstrom has a cool guide to summer suits, so be sure to check it out.

As you notice I didn’t pair dress shoes with this suit, there were wayyy too many options for me to choose and I was a little overwhelmed. But I do like the shoes that are displayed with the suit above. Wait okay I lied; I did find a couple of shoe options, with my bonus finds. I’m pretty much in love with these Del Toro velvet slippers and thought they were great for those guys who want to channel their inner playboy. The Tod loafers would be a great compliment with this suit from John Varvatos that I selected. The dark blue color is great because it goes well with not only the tie but is a color compliment of grey.  Although, both options are not as out there as they could be, not every guy would feel comfortable wearing those two shoe options. Hence why I just settled for just mentioning them as bonus finds.

So that was my WWMD take on menswear, how did I do? Be sure to pass this onto your friends or boyfriends as a quick guide to getting dress if they are fashionable challenged.



I’m on tumblr now, so be sure to follow me and eventually I’ll start uploading photos the things that I wear myself. Including those Thread Social shorts I wrote about in my first post!


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