WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?

Neon & Neutral

1. H&M Blazer 2. Acne Sleeveless Top 3. Hudson Collin Skinny Jean 4. Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Sandal 5. Ben-Amun Lucite Necklace 6. Topshop Drape Front Shirt 7. Miss Selfridges Nude Drop Back Skirt 8. Gold Coin Bib Necklace 9. Nicholas Kirkwood Keith Haring Print Stiletto 10. Equipment Blue Ombre Shirt 11.  J Brand Night Wish Skinny Jean 12. Gorjana Double Rope Necklace – Gold & Neon Kumihimo Bracelet 13. Jil Sander Oxford with Neon Sole 14. Theory Denim Weekend Bag 15.Proenza Schouler PS11 New Tote Saddle 16. Givenchy Antigona Bag

Are you a neutral tone girl or do you like to take a trip on the wild side and wear neon colors? The current fashion mania involves neon colors right now for Spring and Summer. If you can’t tell from my previous post, I don’t shy away from color and print but lately I’ve been sticking to a more neutral palette, which may be due to working in DC. Fashion is DC is very conservative for the most part when it comes to day clothing choices. Although I will say that it doesn’t mean that we don’t have the people who are willing to take risks and spice things up with their clothing choices. Anyhow, this week I’ve decided to talk about neon and neutral colored clothing that have more similarities than you would think.

The first ensemble that I’ve chosen is a neon look that plays on bringing out the colors in the wedge sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti. These shoes are what inspired me to want to blog about neon colors, it was love at first site. To balance out the bright colored blazer and sleeveless tee combo I chose to pair a Lucite necklace by Ben-Amun and white skinny jeans by Hudson. For the bag choice, you can go with the Theory weekend bag. With everything paired, I believe it gives a well-balanced look while at the same time taking an old trend that has reemerged from the 80s and not making you feel as if you raided your mom’s closet.  I believe that this second outfit is my favorite one that I’ve paired together only because these Keith Haring print Kirkwood’s gives me everything I need in a stiletto right now. This look to me is whimsical with a hint of romance to it. With the contrast of the light colors and darker bag PS11 tote by Proenza Schouler it adds a nice contrast to the look. Add in the coin bib necklace then you are ready to leave the house.

With the first two looks: they are complete opposites of each other. You will stand out in both outfits but are more likely to be noticed in the neon colored option. One thing that leads to great outcomes with dealing with a trend is to start off with in a small way, which leads to the third selection. It is a combination of a neutral palette and neon colors in a way that the majority can appreciate. I selected a monochromatic blue look and added in an edge with these oxfords by Jil Sander. The bracelet ties in the blue and yellow together. I am a sucker for a gold jewelry right now so I couldn’t help to add the necklace I selected to help finish the look.  Add in the Antigona bag and you have a mix of a neutral and neon look that the 99% should be comfortable wearing.

With any trend, the biggest tip that I can give you like I stated before is to start small when incorporating it into your wardrobe. For the 1%, well you probably already have a few neon outfits that you’ve worn and can’t wait for other ways to bring out your inner 80s child with this trend. Sidenote, I’ve been putting this neon and neutrals post off for a while you can even ask Karina on how I had to use a coin toss app to make some decisions for me. I guess it is true when they say there is an app for that.

See you on the flip side, no pun intended. And don’t forget to tweet me, or follow me on tumblr.



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