Weekend DIY: Glittered Canvas

Create your own piece of wall art! First, you need a plan. I chose to paint my canvas pink because it helps clear my head to paint with pink. I also decided to create a glitter cupcake, well, for obvious reasons. This is super easy and fun, you will be thrilled with the results! This is a great craft project for a shower gift or housewarming present – or to change up your abode!

What you need: 
Liquid Glue Stick

  1. Lay the newspaper down to control your mess.
  2. Paint your canvas evenly, including the sides. (You may have to do a few coats!)
  3. Allow canvas to dry.
  4. You may use a light pencil to help guide your glue, but keep it to a design you’re comfortable with!
  5. Apply the glue and add glitter, completely covering your design.
  6. Once glue is dry, shake excess glitter. (Use a smaller paint brush to help with details).

Happy glittering!

– @Lindsay


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