WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?

Mixed Patterns & Prints

What’s one of the hardest things to pull off while not looking like a complete idiot at the same time? What is, mixing prints/patterns for 300, Alex. Undergoing extensive research for this topic (Google is your friend), I’ve compiled tips for you to follow when it comes to this hard to master trend.

Here are a baker’s dozen of tips to become the golden child of mixing prints/patterns.

1. Confidence. This is most important because without confidence you won’t be able to give off this vibe when people stare at you like this while thinking in their head: It goes together but at the same time I feel as if they are doing something wrong.

2. Similar colors in both your bottom and top. With similar colors if gives you the ability to tie in the different patterns or prints together.

3. Confidence. Why did I repeat this? Well, obviously confidence is the most important aspect, in my opinion.  Plus you kind of have to have this attitude too.

4. Tone on tone patterns. I’m not sure if I’m using the correct wording, but be sure to keep colors in the same family, if your going to mix patterns make sure they are all in the “warm” or “cold” category.

5. When mixing vertical and horizontal prints make sure the colors are similar.

6. Small prints are universally easier to work with.

7. Stripes are the best pattern to start with for the newbie’s out there.

8. Do not use small and busy patterns together.

9. When it comes to accessories, keep it as simple as possible.

10.  Don’t go overboard. Florals and cheetah print are great separate but not together 99.9% of the time.

11. The material you use is key. Whether it be silk or linen, make sure that your fabric agrees with the weather. Wearing wool in the summer might be a little uncomfortable – and itchy.

12. If you use neutral colors when mixing print, add a pop of color.

13. Have fun with it.

As for next week’s post, I’ll give you a hint, it reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. It’s a good thing, I promise.

I bid you all adieu

– @Mikala


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