Sample Sale Madness

Ahhh, the good ol’ sample sale. Never been to one? Let me just say, you’re missing out.

As many of you know, the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale is taking place in NYC at this very moment. I unfortunately, am missing out on the madness due to business in Buffalo. I have been, however, keeping up with RM’s Instagram shots of the sale and love what I see. Some of you non-understanders may think this is ridiculous, but us smart folk know this is one of the best times of the year. Not to mention, your bank account will thank you, maybe.

Below are a number of pictures from what I like to call, determination. Yes, determination -to play hooky on work or class, stand in a line wrapped around the block and snag the IT bag you’ve been thinking about skipping paying a bill for.

Rain or shine, they will get what they came for.

Rebecca even kept the crazed gals hydrated with some yummy Vita Coco. Missed the experience? Don’t fret. The sample sale ends Sunday, May 13th, at 4pm. Find out more info here.

Save some goodies for me?


 P.S. – all pictures courtesy of Rebecca’s Instagram!


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