WWMD – What Would Mikala Do?

Emerald City

1. Equipment Signature Sleeveless Blouse in Emerald 2. Current/Elliot Flare Jeans 3. Elizabeth & James ‘Antler’ CuffKenneth Jay Lane 22-Kt Gold Plated BraceletsHouse of Harlow Evil Eye Bracelet 4. Banana Republic Sarah Wedges 5. Etro Emerald multicolored Dress 6. Herve Leger Taylor High Heel Sandal 7. Bottega Veneta Cashmere-Silk Cardigan 8. J. Crew Vintage Straight Leg Jean 9. YSL Arty RingMarc by Marc Jacobs Watch 10. Alexander Wang Chloe Sandals 11. Collette By Collette Dinnigan Lace Dress 12. Alexander McQueen Swarovski Flower & Skull Cuff 13. Costume National High Heel Sandals

I know when I said Wizard of Oz last week; some of you were probably like WTF is she thinking. No, I’m not going to do the cliché, translate Dorothy and friends into something we can wear today. That would be boring and a little predictable. So obviously when you saw all the green you realized, it’s Emerald City translated into amazing clothes. Plus emerald is the birthstone for the month of May so that works out well too.

I honestly tickled myself silly on this post because I would take out a loan for some of these items I included. My favorite two outfits would be the middle ones but I can definitely see myself wearing any of them. I think I made an outfit for everyone from the preppy girl who goes to Georgetown to the Lolita of the LES.

The first ensemble is the basic way to incorporate the color emerald into your wardrobe; it’s the tamest out of the four outfits. Just adding the pop of emerald gives an extra touch to an everyday classic look. One thing that I’m a big fan of is mixing gold and silver jewelry together. I love pieces that are comprised of both metals like the Elizabeth & James cuff.

The second choice is for those who aren’t afraid of prints in a huge way. Wanting to keep emphasis on the dress, I just chose to include a pair of shoes that compliment the work of art done by Etro. Honestly, I knew that Herve Lerger made shoes but didn’t know they had a kick ass pair like the ones I chose to pair with the Etro dress.

The last two getups are more on the lines of the first choice I made with the jeans & sleeveless blouse. The Bottega Veneta cardigan and J.Crew jeans is an outfit that I would wear everyday for a solid week. It gives you casual glam, is that a saying? If not, it is now. Finally, Collette Dinnigan rounds out the emerald inspiration for this week with the lace dress. To add a slight sharpness to a very girly look I did with the strappy-heeled sandals, I added the cuff by McQueen to polish this look off.

I’ve been noticing that this is a color that is making a dip into the wardrobes of people for spring so far. I can see emerald becoming one of those go to colors in a person’s wardrobe. Most people hesitate due to it being such a dark and intense color but you shouldn’t. It’s definitely a color that can complement any skin tone, which is why I love this color so much. So the next time you’re out shopping and you see an emerald colored garment try it on; you never know it might become your favorite new color to wear

Tot Ziens! (Did I say that right, if not I blame Google Translate)

– Mikala


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