DIY Entertaining: Mother’s Day Edition

For Mother’s Day, Lindsay and I went on CW’s Winging It! Buffalo Style to offer a few yummy and cute DIY decor tips. From a cupcake bouquet to a photo garland to a DIY floral centerpiece, we covered it all. We wanted to share our tips with you, so here ya go:

Click here to view my live segment.

What I wore: Blazer: NY&Co., Dress: H&M, Heels: Christian Louboutin, Jewelry: H

Click here to view Lindsay’s live segment.

Here’s how you’ll make this amazing cupcake bouquet:


>5-7 cupcakes
>Assorted colored frosting in icing bags
>Variety of sprinkles
>Tooth picks / Skewers
>Buckets or flower-pot
>Floral foam
>Ribbon (for decoration)


1. Divide frosting into three separate bowls and tint desired colors. Place in sandwich bags and set aside.

2. Once cupcakes are cooled, cut a slit into the sandwich bag on the corner so that you can create a petal that looks like a leaf or sunflower.

3. Starting on the outer ring and working your way to the inside, squeeze the frosting onto the cupcake.

4. Finish with sprinkles as the center of the flower.

5. Stick the skewer into the cupcake and place it into the foam inside the flower pot.

To make this cupcake bouquet extra special, decorate the pot with a ribbon!

Check out Lindsay’s blog, Lola Pearl Bake Shoppe – your resource to recipes, custom cupcakes and so much more. Have questions? Simply email info{at} & we’ll get right back to you.

A huge thank you to Joe Cascio for the awesome shots & our sponsor, Flowers by Johnny – kisses!


P.S. – Did you catch our fab finds under $50 for Mother’s Day?!


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