Mastering the Top Knot: The Sock Bun

As the summer months rapidly approach, having alternative hair options is a must in the arsenal of every savvy girl.  One of these styles is the top knot.  It not only sweeps hair out of your face and off the nape of your neck, but it’s the perfect way to look effortlessly chic.

For this look you could invest a few bucks in a foam hair donut like this one, but I find that my hair gets stuck in the porous texture of the foam and pulls way too many strands out.  Enter the “sock bun”. A DIY alternative that I’m sure you already have laying around.

Maybe there is a reason why the dryer monster eats so many socks after all. You can use the orphan socks for a beauty cause!

What you’ll need:

  1. A sock close to the color of your hair
  2. Scissors
  3. Teasing comb or brush
  4. Hair tie (optional)
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Hair spray

Have fun with this look. Experiment with different size socks. Tease your hair for an extra retro vibe. Own it.



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