WWMD: Little White Dress


1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Twill Wrap Dress 2. Steve Madden P-Rada Sandals 3. French Connection Texas Tassel Dress 4. Zara Ankle Strap Sandal 5. Oasis Lantern Dress 6. Walter Steiger Prose Pumps 7. T by Alexander Wang Silk Dress 8. Charlotte Olympia Meridith Wedges

Everyone knows how essential the LBD is to your wardrobe and how you can have 100 plus concepts on how a LBD can be made. Well, meet the cousin of the LBD, the LWD (Little White Dress). LWD is synonymous with summer and a great time whether it is in Miami or at a polo match in the Hamptons.

I provided you with four of endless options to choose when it comes to the LWD. The most important thing that I wanted to highlight this week besides the LWD is the great shoe options you have pick from. From the Steve Maddens to the Walter Steiger pumps (someone be a pal and send me a pair) you can compliment a great dress with an even greater pair of heels. With the 3.1 Philip Lim dress and Steve Madden shoes it gives you a great example of mixing high and low items together. French Connection with it’s tassel dress, combined with the Zara sandals, provides another example of high and low priced items together. My favorite out of the four is the Walter Steiger and Oasis Lantern Dress. The shoes speak for themselves and have been spotted on celebrities from Beyonce to Elizabeth Banks. Oasis’ Lantern dress gives me a peek-a-boo back and a belt included you had me peek. Okay, so I did say that the Stegier & Oasis was my favorite combination but the T by Alexander Wang dress and Charlotte Olympia shoes might have my heart a tad bit more. The wedges paired with loose dress by Wang gives you casual glam (remember that word from last week?). Plus I mean when can you go wrong with a pair of C. Olympia heels and T by Alexander Wang?

I toyed with the idea of adding accessories but honestly I like the simplistic way everything is set up. If you do need some accessories on your body then I would say combine two bracelets together like maybe two Cartier Love bracelets, one in gold and the other in white gold, or bracelets with a similar look would be perfect. I really took my time choosing shoes so with the clean slate of the dress your eye automatically goes down to the shoes that are paired with the dresses.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, while you’re out shopping don’t forget to select a new LWD and a great pair of shoes. Shoes are essential to life so if you have to splurge a little, justify them that way. Just saying as an FYI for the future.




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