I DIY, Isabel Marant SS12 Dyed Jeans

We all know, I love high-end clothing whether it’s Givenchy to Etro from my WWMD posts. I don’t DIY all the time; the only thing I’m good at is painting wood boxes a different color and gluing stuff onto it. When I spotted this DIY at The Fashion Guitar, I figured why not try my hand at this relatively simple DIY for Isabel Marant inspired jeans straight from the runway. I grabbed a pair of jeans stuffed in the back of my sister’s closet, you know, just in case I didn’t like the result. I recomend using an old pair of jeans or picking up a pair from Forever 21 for a mere $10.50.

Supplies: Jeans, Rubber Bands, Bleach, Water, Bucket, and Protective Gloves

1.  Bundle or fold jeans together with rubber bands, doesn’t matter how you do this, think of it as a rubber band freestyle.

2. Go completely up on one side of the pant-leg until you get to the crotch area.

3. Repeat on the other leg of your jeans with the same bundle or fold pattern.

4. Bundle and fold the top of the jeans even more, so that the entire pair is rubber banded.

5. Fill bucket with water & bleach solution. I didn’t measure the amount of bleach I used to water so I would say guesstimate based on your brand of bleach.

6. Place jeans into bucket, but safety first! Be sure to put on protective gloves to protect your skin from the bleach.

7. Let jeans sit in bleach-water solution. Since my jeans were super dark, it took about 2 ½ hours for it to get to the result I wanted. I would recommend checking after 1 hour.

8. Flip to the other side and repeat.

9. Remove jeans from bucket and remove rubber bands. If you need certain areas to sit longer in bleach then re-add rubber bands and let that portion sit in the bleach-water solution.

 10. Wash jeans without detergent, I washed my jeans on cold/cold setting.

11. Hang dry or place them in dryer to dry. I recommend air-drying first then placing in dryer.

12. Wear and enjoy your finished product!

Now we’re not trying to copy a look and make it cheaper. We were inspired by the SS12 runway look and took things into our own hands.



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