WWMD: Weekend Get-Away

Luggage for Packing

1. Mulberry Leopard Trolley 2. Segue Wheeled Luggage 3. TopShop Luggage Bag  4. Fossil Canvas Duffel Bag 5. O’Neill Weekend Bag 6. Mod Cloth Suitcase

In the words of the never aging Pharell, it ain’t where I been, it’s where I’m ‘bout to go. Through Twitter and Facebook posts, I’ve been insanely jealous of all the travel people have been doing while I’m stuck on XYZ News Channel island. So, I’ve decided that you all (the five people who read this, if there is more than that well this is me) and myself are going on a vacation. Whether it be virtual or real life, one thing is for certain you need to know how to maximize the packing capability of your carry-on. Sometimes I ponder what’s more difficult to understand furniture directions or TSA prohibited list of what you can and can’t have in your carry-on. I would say TSA carry on rules win by a landslide. One moment you’re allowed to have something in your carry-on the next, you aren’t. I’m going to give you five tips to optimize the space you get in that tiny piece of luggage. Different airlines have different sizes so click here for a heads up.

Tip #1: Pack two outfits and unmentionables just in case. Airlines loose luggage all the time unfortunately. Roll the items tightly so they do not take up that much room.

Tip #2: Don’t forget that lousy 3-1-1 rule. P.S. Dear TSA calling it the 3-1-1 rule doesn’t make it less confusing. Target has a great aisle in their beauty section that is devoted to travel size products. I personally think it’s great because sometimes I don’t even want to have the full size version of a product.

Tip #3: Leave space for things you buy during that trip. When I studied abroad in London, I brought a carry on so I could shop without worries. Yeah, I’m that cray-cray, but Oxford St shopping is quite lovely.

Tip#4: Bring along these other items: Toothbrush & toothpaste, Advil (have you ever been on a long flight with screaming children?), glasses and/or contact lenses (plus a spare), contact solution, and prescription medicine.

Tip #5: Pack your electronics in your carry-on bag. This includes cell phone charger, lap top charger, camera, and camera charger. You never know what might happen while you’re at the airport. PLEASE do not ever pack your electronics in your checked in luggage. If you do, slap yourself and be grateful nothing has happened.

You would be surprised how many people don’t do the things I just listed and then complain about xyz happening. So you’re probably wondering why I chose to talk about packing rules today. In next week’s post we will be ‘traveling’ to another city and I will be creating looks inspired by that city.

See you there.



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