This is how WE do it: Real Style, Prom Edition

It doesn’t get more real than this. With prom season in the air, a few of us girls decided to kick it old school and show you how we did it for our high school prom’s. With all of us growing up in different cities and eras, we clearly had different tastes. FYI, most of these pictures are scanned or a picture of a picture – we’re that old.

Mikala’s dress was from Lord & Taylor. She literally had to pin the front as it was too risqué, but naturally “let loose” once inside her prom – damn girl.

 My dress was BCBG Maxazaria & it was love at first sight. I was also the only girl who wore white. It’s sitting in a garment bag as I secretly plot when I can wear it again.

 Lauralai’s dress was Jessica McClintock. Her hair was ombre – before, ombre was ombre. Oh and she was prom Queen, NBD.

Linz special ordered her gown. Spotting something similar in a mag, she just had to have it. She went to her local bridal boutique, custom ordered and the rest was history.

Erin’s dress was from Kaufman’s a.k.a Macy’s. She’s always been a sucker for hues of blue.

Of course we just had to blur out faces of their dates, we just couldn’t embarrass everyone without permission.

Cheers to the past,



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