WWMD? Memphis & Nashville

Style Inspiration: Memphis & Nashville

1. Equipment Black Stars Signature ShirtSee by Chloe Crossbody, Mother Frayed Cut Off, Isabel Marant Jenny Boot 2. Sodamix Floral Print Maxi Dress, Guess Dailona Wedges 3. Monki Peace Knit, J.Crew Brompton Straw Clutch, J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt, Michael Kors Leather Espadrille Wedge

We are taking a break from Prom Mania that has been occurring this week on KCYouThere to take a quick style inspiration trip. To recap, we had the boring introduction to plot post last week. Sorry, even I fell asleep reading it but it had to be done. It’s like when your’re reading a book and the first chapter is boring but you can’t skip it because it provides background for the entire story. So I’ve decided that our first stop for our virtual road trip vacation for style inspiration will start down south in Memphis, TN, then make a pit stop in Nashville. Why start off in the south? Well in the United States you can’t have summer without great BBQ food, and everyone knows that some of the best BBQ food comes from the southern part of the country.  I’ve never been to Memphis myself but it’s home to Graceland, an Elvis Presley attraction, Memphis Hall of Fame, and the Stax Museum. As for Nashville, it’s known for the Grand Ole Opry, the Parthenon, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. In between all the sightseeing you can take a lunch break and eat at Central BBQ located in Memphis or Margot Café & Bar in Nashville. Just in case you might find yourself in either city one day.

The three outfits I’ve chosen, I’ve thought about the things you do and what you might want to wear when you’re out exploring the city you are in. The first ensemble is my version of a button up and cowboy boots that many people love to wear in Nashville and I’m sure in Memphis too. This would be a more fashionable approach, not to say that cowboy boots aren’t fashionable, they just aren’t my cup of tea. I could see someone wearing this while out exploring various sites in Memphis or Nashville. It’s the perfect outfit for casual fun in a city. The second choice, I could see for a day where you aren’t doing too much exploring outside and have the ability to dress up just a tad bit more than the first look. For nice nights out in Memphis or Nashville, this third look would be perfect to look to take a cue from the locals in a non-traditional way.

These looks are inspired by the way those in Memphis and Nashville might dress. Not to say everyone dresses in cowboy boots, button ups, paisley prints and florals. Plus these are great prints that any city girl can appreciate when enjoying some southern hospitality. What city or cities will I find inspiration from next, who knows but I’ll see you next week!

@SavaDavis aka Mikala


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