WWMD: Aloha to Hawaiian Prints


1. Stella McCartney Hawaiian Print Shirt  Stella McCartney Hawaiian Print Mini Skirt Miu Miu Strappy Peep Toe Sandal  2. Hawaiian Blazer by Maarten Van Der Horst Theory Leather Shorts Giambattisa Valli 3. River Island Hawaiian Print Bralet Isabel Marant Maxi Skirt Chloe Black & Gold Braided Sandal 4. ASOS Hawaiian Print Cap American Apparel Unisex Cotton ¾ Raglan Shirt J Brand Aiden Boyfriend Fit Jeans KG by Kurt Geiger Satin Sandals

Obviously, from all this tropical print I’ve decided to make this week’s inspiration place somewhere tropical. What tropical paradise did I choose, that would be Hawaii. I was actually influenced by the guys I work with because Fridays are devoted to Hawaii print shirts from what I’ve been noticing. Although not as chic as these clothing choices I’ve choose, unfortunately. I will say that Hawaiian print can go either very wrong or very chic from the browsing I did, some of the choices were rather interesting to say the least. Let’s say you do find yourself in Hawaii well make sure to stop by for a bite to eat at Nico’s Pier 38 . If you have a sweet tooth like me you can enjoy cookies at Honolulu Cookie Company or pies from Lee’s Bakery & Kitchen. Find yourself wanting learn about the natural and cultural history of Pacific then make sure you go to the Bishop Museum. Obviously after all that you want to spend time on the beach which Hawaii has plenty of for you to choose from.

Literally from outfit choice number one to choice number four, you range from Stella McCartney shirt and skirt devoted to Hawaiian print to just a splash of it with the hat from Asos. I’ve given something that works for everyone who might want to try this print out. The first two choices are more for the nights that you might have in Hawaiian whether it be attending a Luau or just spending time with those who you’ve came with. The third choice is definitely not for everyone and I would wear it during the day while lounging at a cabana with your favorite drink featuring that cute and tiny umbrella. The last outfit choice is definitely for sightseeing the wonders of Hawaii, from museums or a trip to the Volcano National park although you might want to switch out of the sandals and into a sneaker to protect those toes of yours.

If you still hate Hawaiian print after seeing the four looks I’ve shown you then you’re just weird. We can’t be friends ever.  Well, unless you come to me bearing gifts then we could maybe work something out. Next week’s post takes us to an interesting place but you’ll definitely enjoy it, see you next week!

@savadavis aka Mikala


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