Put Your Foot Wedge Back In The Bag

The game of golf is one of the only sports in the world which an individual cannot master. One can be consistent on how they play the game, but there is always that ONE or TWO drives or putts that veers away from you off the tee and on the green.

Who hasn’t dropped another ball in the tee-box or used the old foot-wedge (in my opinion my best club) buried deep in your golf bag? I’ve seen it before where hard-core golfers bought new clubs because of one bad round.

Consistency is the name of the game, unless if your name is iron-byron (a mechanical swing, literally) there’s a flaw in your game, no offense. No one is perfect, not even Tiger, although he put on one hell of a show capturing his 73rd win!

I want to let you in on an upcoming company named OnCore Golf.

KC You There has had the pleasure on teaming up with OnCore Golf for the last year and a half and watched them arise out of the grass-roots into the golf world.  OnCore Golf has produced the WORLD’S FIRST METAL HOLLOW GOLF BALL (prototype was USGA approved) which is statistically proven (by the iron-byron) to reduce one’s SLICE or HOOK by 30% (compared to 20 different PRO-V Is ) and holds truer line on the dance floor (green) decreasing a green’s break.

One of OnCore Golf’s biggest buzzes was created during May 16, 2012 to May 21, 2012 when the team travelled to Greenville, SC to partake in the PGA Nationwide BMW Celebrity Pro-Am Classic. I have to be honest on OnCore Golf’s arrival to Greenville, SC  because of the age demographic of the OnCore team, there were looks and comments directed our way asking,“who are these kids” as being young professionals, but instantly became the talk of the tournament with integrating the innovation of the OnCore golf ball with a unique marketing strategy; art and golf.

Within the team, Brian Kirhagis (the messy one up top), a brilliant artist from NYC who put on an amazing show encouraging onlookers to interactively paint with him, in return he turned it into one of his masterpieces. That painting was donated back to BMW and its affiliated charities. Brian also did the unimaginable and used a sleeve of OnCore golf balls to illustrate another astonishing painting which was presented as a gift to a young couple that showed us the warmest hospitality during our stay in South Carolina – Thanks Kristin & Josh!

OnCore attracted over one-thousand people within the tournament where they handed out golf balls for the public to test out. Here’s a few testimonials commending OnCore’s balls of steel:

“It was a pleasure meeting you and your team at the BMW Pro Am. I took the sleeve of golf balls that you gave me and ran to my course and I played the best game ever!!!! 

I showed them to the Golf Pro at my course and they were absolutely taken back and had not seen anything like this period. These kind of players are looking for ways to improve their game and would be all over the concept behind your ball”            -Steve

“This past weekend I had the opportunity of meeting the OnCore Team and the product you brought with you at the BMW Charity Pro-Am event in SC. Yesterday, I got the chance to get to the course and try out the OnCore golf ball. Throughout the 9 holes I played with two different t types of golf balls, the OnCore golf ball and a Nike NDX (both brand new sleeves).

From tee off to the final putt into the clubhouse the OnCore golf ball out drove the Nike NDX. Same swing (almost same swing) & same club, the OnCore golf ball self corrected in mid-flight. I am very impressed.”             -Joshua                

“It was great meeting you and your team, as well as learning more about your product.  I had a chance to try the sample ball you gave me Saturday and all I can say is wow!  Great Product!  I joked to my dad that I’d lose that ball the first hit.  However, after 18 holes and straighter drives, it’s still in my bag!”            -Kyle     

 For more information about OnCore Golf visit: www.oncoregolf.com

Where are my sunglasses?



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