How often do you think about fashion?

How often do you think about fashion? Get daily emails to Net-A-Porter? Admire your co-workers new wedges? Follow @dkny on twitter? Stop to window shop on your lunch break? It might add up quicker than you think.  According to a British survey from, the average British women think about fashion 91 times per day

Respondents to the survey, 1,000 British women ages 18-25, were asked to count every time they turned their attention to clothes and accessories. This could include shopping online, daydreaming about what you’ll wear to an art opening this weekend, and judging checking out the outfits of people around you.

The survey also found that the total amount of time spent contemplating fashion on any given day is one hour and 19 minutes. That’s 30 days a year. Over 10% of respondents admitted they thought about fashion more than anything else on a daily basis – including friends, family, and work.

Rebecca Elderfield, Style Director said in a press release, “For many young women fashion is so much more than a casual hobby or mild interest – it’s a way of life, and the results of the survey confirm that.”

Nearly one third of those questioned admitted to taking over six separate peeks at online fashion sites in an average day, while 62 per cent claimed to regularly drift off at work and get caught up in fashion daydreams.

How do you think New Yorkers would compare if they took this survey?