Etsy Weddings: Trends, Stories, Registry and more!

I was first introduced to Etsy years ago when I asked my friend where she got her amazing statement necklace. The shop was All Things Tinsel, the website, Etsy. I was hooked. I even organized an Etsy Pavilion at the inaugural Niagara Holiday Market, where holiday shoppers visiting Niagara Falls could shop local & handmade-does it get any better?

It was love at first sight when I discovered Etsy Weddings. Launches this year, Etsy Weddings has it all; from doggie bow-ties, invitations, on trend decor, and bridesmaids gifts. Need some guidance on say, how to choose an engagement ring? Plan a bridal shower? Etsy Weddings has that, too. Couples can even register, here.

photo by Charlie Gesell

What I love most about Etsy Weddings is the touching stories you’ll find. No bridezillas here. You’ll find down to earth people, on a realistic budget, who are thinking past the cookie cutter wedding cliches. Yes, you’ll find trendy things like chalkboard table settings and mustache photo booth cutouts, but it’s more about customizing your wedding to your life together.

I picked out some of the top trends that you can purchase on Etsy.

Map Invitations

Beautiful Hello

Banners & Pendants

Little Retreats



Customized hangers

Buttonz and Bloomz

Shoe Decals

Mon Amour Boutique

Paper Bouquets

Smile Merchantile

Happy Wedding Season!



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