Pump up the Volume

It’s no secret. I’m a pinning fool. I frequent Pinterest not only for fashion ideas, but for beauty and lifestyle inspiration almost daily. Visit my beauty board here.

The other day while stalking various hair boards, it became apparent – I’m a sucker for voluminous dos. Naturally, I gravitate towards vixen locks as I’m “blessed” to have fine, flat hair.

But over the years I’ve come up with a regiment to tackle this woe. By simply following the next few steps the flattest, most lifeless mane is bound to get some lift.

Prep – A good styling product is key for getting extra lift at the roots. Apply a few liberal sprays of Big Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus to towel dried hair prior to blow drying. Be careful not to overdo it. Too much product can actually weigh the hair down and lead to that crispy texture. Note to self, “crispy” and “hair” should never be used in the same sentence.

Blow Dry – If your hair is still fairly damp, run the blow dryer over it for a few moments to get the excess moisture out.  Next, separate the hair into four sections; two in the back and two on the sides. Working one section at a time (I like to start at the face framing layers), run your fingers through the roots while blow drying on low. As soon as the section is nearly dry, take a round-barreled boar bristle brush and begin to comb through the section while blow drying on a higher setting. Pull the hair super taut as you follow the brush with the blow dryer. Once the section is completely dry, use the cool setting on your blow dryer and run through the hair a few more times to set it. Repeat for each section.

Tease – Now that your hair is coiffed, section off a few two inch areas at the crown.  Using a rat tail teasing comb, gently back-comb the roots. Release the sections and smooth down the outer layer to avoid any visible signs of teasing.

Fine Tune – For extra volume, apply a light mist of a dry shampoo or a mattifying texture powder like Redken’s Powder Grip 03 to the roots. Fluff with your finger tips, set with a fine spritz of hairspray, and you are all set.




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