Currently Obsessed: I See Noise Prints

After learning about I See Noise prints through Instagram, I knew it was love at first sight. Created by Randa Salloum, a young entrepreneur, she’s hit a gold mind and it’s only just begun. As an entrepreneur, I always feel compelled to ask background questions, so here are mine for the creator of these beautiful 24k gold prints:

Featured on

 1- What made you start to create these prints?
 It wasn’t anything in particular that made me want to create them. I’m generally a very creative person and at the time my boyfriend was purchasing a few craft items online and I asked him to throw in a couple for myself to experiment with. A few ideas were passed around within myself and after my boyfriend has shown me a neat way of using the materials the idea was born!
2- When did you start this and where do you see this taking you?
I started I See Noise in January 2012. After I instagrammed a shot of a few prints I had created, a couple of my readers and Instagram followers were asking me where they could purchase some for themselves. Instead of hesitating, I responded with “they will be available in 2 weeks!”. I didn’t really see this as a major business but just as something I could call my own. At the time I had no job and was spending the time finding what I love to do and what I can do. My mother was the one that kept telling me I have no idea what I have here, and it can be big!
3- What do you do by day?
Besides the prints and everything that comes along with running a business, I am the founder of The-Unprecedented ( a fashion and lifestyle blog that was established in 2008 and it’s what I love to do. It just recently got a redesign and some great fashion segments that are newly added. As a side business I also work as a personal stylist and shopper for those in need of some style therapy.
4- A little background on your self..
In 2009, I graduated from The Art Institute Of Vancouver in their Fashion Marketing & Management program. I carry over seven years of experience in the fashion industry in various roles such as; Stylist Assistant, Production Manager, Backstage Coordinator, Visual Merchandiser & Retail Management. At 25 years of age, I now own 3 business created and operated by myself and am loving every minute of it!
5- Your favorite piece so far?
My favorite piece so far is the 24K Gold Skull Head however, I will always love the 24K Gold Vintage Perfume Bottle.

Styled by A Pinch of Lovely

Featured on Gal Meets Glam

Styled by friend of Randa, Chloe Bergé

Cheers to Randa for doing what she loves. To purchase these amazing prints, visit I See Noise on Etsy. Stay tuned this afternoon as we’ll have a little surprise for our readers courtesy of I See Noise!
Xx – Karina

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