WWMD: Into the Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns
I’ll admit that I’m not a big nature person, but there are a few things I would like to experience that involve being one with nature. One of them I can definitely try to do this summer, a visit to Luray Caverns located in Luray, Virginia. This place isn’t new to me due to my great lessons about the state of Virginia in fourth grade and it being mentioned through my public school education in Virginia. This is a great place to see stalactite and stalagmite formations that have been around for thousands of years and continue forming.  When visiting the cavern it’s divided into different parts like Dream Lake and Pluto’s Chasm.
Your probably wondering why I chose to put jewelry instead of clothes, well the cavern reminded me of how we find gems and diamonds in caves and other places like that around the world. Everything listed here is something that I would wear during the evening and even during the day. Imagine seeing the sun reflect off the Erickson Beamon Crystal Necklace, it would be so gorgeous and you would definitely be getting people to look back at you. The prices of the jewelry do range from affordable to overly extravagant. I made sure to find something for everyone’s budget because I know we all don’t have the bank account of Oprah.
By the time some of you finish reading this I hope you’re hitting the check out button at the respective websites, if not you can always drool a little bit at these amazing baubles.  I’ll probably do a little of both since some of these items that I am in love with aren’t in the price range of what I should be spending right now.

Until next time,



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