Men’s Summer Style Guide

Summer can be one of the most difficult times for men trying to find the right pieces to complete an outfit. No matter if you’re on a beach or in the yard kicking it poolside at a social gathering, you have to be on top of your game.

Now-a-days there aren’t too many plain-janes left in the world, the ladies like us gentlemen dressing with a bit of Summer flare. For all the single gents out there, to intrigue the opposite sex at a party how you dress will make it a lot easier to catch their eye rather than our sarcastic comments and our sweet drinking skills.

At Curt’s Corner, I am here to help out the home team (us men) to get that one chance to make a great first impression among the female race. Here are a few of my top ideas (from head to toe) of what to wear and to blend into your Summer wardrobe.

Head Gear:

Put the ball cap back in your closet for the Summer. Yes, it’s great to wear on a hot sunny day on the beach, but a better option is a fedora. Top of my list, the Jeremy Piven Fedora from All of her solid color band fedoras are unisex and this one in particular adds a bit of patriotism from the color accents.

 Piven Fedora $49

Sleek Shades:

I have two options for sunglasses. Ray-Ban are my go to shades for the summer, there’s a style for everyone in the world (fact). My friend Chris over at Buffalo Dandy recently posted these sick pair of specks for those who love thick frame shades, however they have an added incentive. Named the JackHawk9000 (kick ass name) based out of beautiful San Diego, these sunglasses made of titanium arms also serve as a bottle opener.

Ray-Ban $150

 JackHawk9000 $90

Your Rags:

We can make anything look good (without trying) I think that’s what women expect out of us half of the time. Wearing a great pair of printed trunks with a linen shirt works just fine.

 Tommy Bahama $98


 River Island $41.43


Your feet are one of the hottest parts of your body during the summer. You need to let them breathe so you can stay cool during the scorching months. Besides wearing flops all year (which I recommend) there are other options for your paws.  Espadrilles are a pretty cool shoe to wear for the summer and it fits any occasion from the beach to the bar.


Wrist game:

Watches should always be a must accessory, not only does it makes you leave your phone in your pocket during a party it also leaves a tan line! Keep the metal and leather band watches on your dresser. Pick up a fairly decent watch that you can live with, but also if something happens to it from the sand or water; you have no problem of parting ways. 

I recommend a canvas strap watch that will keep your wrist cooler. I personally wear this watch (under $50), which gets the job done. You can find something like this at your local mall.

Here at Curt’s Corner it’s all about inspiration, add some of these ideas to your closet or floor for the Summer and you’ll be good to go.

Where’s my sunglasses?



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