DIY: 4th of July Celebration | Live on CW’s Winging it! Buffalo Style

Erin joined CW’s Winging it! Buffalo Style for a fun segment on DIY 4th of July party tips & decor! Click here to watch the full segment.

Host Amelia Segal and Erin Reedy on the set

DIY invitation

To make this DIY invitation, all you need is popsicle sticks from your local dollar store, craft paint and paint brushes, ribbon, a sharpie, and star stickers (optional). Paint 2 sticks half blue/half white, 2 sticks half blue/half red, two white, and one red. Let paint dry, and add star stickers or paint white stars on the blue halves. Write in the details to your party, bundle with ribbon, and deliver! Guests can piece the puzzle together. For a social media spin, add a hashtag to your RSVP line, so attendees can tweet about the party!

Rice Krispie Sparklers

For these Independence Day treats, all you need is rice krispies (get the recipe here), a star cookie cutter, blueberries, strawberries, and skewers. For skewers, I used extra chopsticks, but you can pick up skewers at Wegmans or any grocery store for about $2. Assemble and serve, I used tin buckets and sand!

For these cool treats, all you need is 3oz cups, popsicle sticks, lemonade, and food coloring. Add the lemonade with red food coloring in 1/3 of the cup. Let freeze about 45 minutes. Insert the popsicle stick, let freeze about 30 minutes. Add plain lemonade, let freeze two hours. Mix lemonade with blue food coloring, add, and let freeze an additional 2 hours. You can also make with your favorite juice or flavored sports drink.

Mason jar salads

For an easy, personalized salad, take a mason jar (you can purchase new at a grocery stores or vintage at antique/secondhand stores), and fill with dressing of your choice. I use a mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pinch of salt/pepper/sugar, and dried oregano and basil. Add your choice of veggies to the bottom, then add greens. Shake and serve!

Happy Independence Day!



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