Bring your Instagram pictures to life

If you’re looking for a way to show off your Instagram photos in the real world, there’s more than a few options.

ImageSnap has a ton of options for printing Instagram photos, my favorite being the Teeny Tile. At $4 a pop you can print your photos on a 2″x2″ tile that includes a self-adhesive magnet. Their biggest image comes at $35, a 12″x12″ Slab.

Instapouch allows you to select your Instragram photos and turns them into a leather iPhone case. Not yet available to the public, you can sign up on their website to be notified of the launch.

Other startup companies like Instaprint allows you to rent their services for events to print shots snapped on Instragram a la Polaroid. Interested? It won’t come cheap. Services start at $5,000. For more information on rentals, click here.

CanvasPop might be my favorite. You can print your Instagram pics on canvas, starting at $39.95. Psst- CanvasPop does a weekly giveaway. Tag your images #canvaspop and type “I want this photo printed on canvas with #CanvasPop” to be automatically entered.

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