WWMD? A Trip to London


1. J Crew Short Sleeved Sweatshirt Oasis Cherry Skinny Jeans Valentino Flat Lace Espadrille 2. Preen Rosemary Printed Silk-Satin Top Dsquared2 Slim Fit Jeans Oscar de la Renta Oxford Illusion Sandal 3. See by Chloe Las Vegas Printed Silk Dress Christian Louboutin Unbout Illusion Pump * Burberry Double Breasted Cotton Trench  Adult Bubble Umbrella

If you know me, you’re probably surprised it took me long enough to pick London as one of my cities. I literally fell in LOVE with London when I studied abroad there during my senior year of college. Minus the gloomy weather, it had everything I needed in a city. Plus it definitely helped that it was a short train ride away from Paris. All of the places I’m suggesting to you I’ve been to except for the nightclubs I’ve only been to one but heard good things about the others.

The essentials that you cannot forget when going to London are the obvious, a Burberry trench and an umbrella. Because let’s face it, when does it not rain in London? The first outfit is the best for sightseeing/shopping on Oxford St. If you do find yourself in London you have to go to Gordon’s Wine Bar it’s the best and offers wine & cheese at a price that even poor American college students can afford (trust me, I was losing a lot of $$ when converting to pounds so I wasn’t balling out like Diddy). The second outfit is perfect for starting out at Gordon’s then you can go to Proud Camden to end your night. It’s an insane place..insane in a good way, pinky promise. Not my usually scene but definitely worthwhile to go at least once. The last outfit, I figure you’d slip on to go to one of the lounges/clubs like Penthouse, Fabric or Whiskey Mist. A nice dinner in London would work for the last option also just depends on your mood, some nights you might just want to enjoy a great dinner with friends or family.

I could go on and on about London and the different places to go to but it is really a city where you can find something to do for just about anyone.

See You Later Alligator,



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