Obscure Designer Gear

Obscure Designer Items
1. Mason Martin Margiela feather pen, $60 – No thanks.
2. Chanel 2Ib weights, $760 – I mean, seriously? The only way I’d ever use these is if they were a gift and I decorated my future home gym.
3. Chanel tennis ball set, $70 (per ball) – I don’t play tennis.
4. Diane von Furstenberg ping-pong paddle set, $50 (on sale!) – This is cute and probably a great shelf item. I’m not against it.
5. Jil Sander leather lunch bag, $630 – I’m indifferent. It’s silly. It’s sold out.
6. Jimmy Choo cup sleeve, $99 (on sale!) – I’ve had my eye on this for over a year now. As a coffee addict, it seems quite fitting.
Now I’m not judging you if you own one or all of these items, I’m just saying you’re a little nuts, but aren’t we all?
P.S. My birthday is 2 weeks away, wink.wink.

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