Summer Beauty To-Do List

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the unofficial arrival of summer over Memorial Day weekend.  Several months (and heatwaves) later we find ourselves nearly smack dab in the middle of the season. In times of sweltering heat and frustration, what should you do? Create a summer beauty to-do list, duh.

Labor Day weekend will be here before we know it. So whether you’re bidding adieu to summer by heading back to school, going back to that teaching job, or enjoying one last summer Friday work schedule, a beauty to-do list is a fun way to embrace the season.

  1. Grin and “bare” it. Get yourself to the salon for a bikini wax. It doesn’t matter if you get a full-on brazilian or just clean up the bikini line. No pain, no gain.
  2. Get an airbrush tan. Skip the at home self-tanner and messy self-tanning booths. There’s nothing like an airbrush tan done by a technician who customizes the color to suit your skin tone and shape. Yes, that’s right – shape. Airbrush tanning technicians know how to switch up the color to make tummies look flatter, cleavage to look fuller, and cheeks (the buttox type) to look lifted.
  3. Spend a girls night at home with DIY pedicures. Whip up some fabulously girly cocktails, gather your favorite nail polishes, and enjoy some QT with friends before you head off to college or snap back into the work world reality. Have plenty of emery boards handy and for an extra-profesh pedicure, try Butter London’s Glycolic Callus Peel to soften up rough summer feet
  4. Leave your hair alone. Literally live by the, “wherever the wind takes me” mantra. Breeze-tousled locks can be embraced without heat by using texturizing sprays and dry shampoos. For more manageable second day hair, loosely braid your hair in several sections before bed and in the morning you won’t have a rats nest. Once you roll out of bed, add extra dry shampoo at the roots if necessary, flip your head over to fluff out the hair – c’est fini. For an extra beach goddess feel, add a whimsical floral headband.
  5. Jump on the juice trend. Markets are plentiful this time of year, so what better time to stock up on produce and experiment with pressed juices and smoothies? Head on over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Healthy and refreshing treats? Yes please.

What would make it onto your summer beauty to-do list?



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