WWMD? London to Ibiza


1. Madewell Radiohour Shift Dress, DV by Dolce Vita Archer Sandal

2. Mango Blouson Shirt, VINCE Leather Shorts, Manolo Blahnik Pumps

3. Sass & Bide Pick ‘N’ Mix Strapless Dress, VIONNET Slingback Sandals

From London to Ibiza, get it? Well if you don’t click the link and smile. Now that you’ve gotten the idea of what city I chose this week. Why Ibizia? Well it’s one of the biggest party cities in the world. It helps when you have the Jennifer Lopez song stuck in your head too.

Hopefully in these clothes you’ll have yourself a grand ol time partying it up and recovering during the day. The first look is what I like to call the morning after, well I won’t say what you were probably doing the night before because that depends on the type of person you are and I know some of you are more “adventurous” than others. Throwing on this dress is perfect for getting a late breakfast and being comfortable while at the same time looking great. Second and third selections are more for nighttime fun.

Sidenote, this is my 17th WWMD post which equals out to a little over 4 months of doing this, which is like a year in the blog world so let’s celebrate our anniversary ;). Kidding, but seriously though it feels like I’ve been doing these WWMD post for foreverrrr but don’t worry I enjoy doing this more than I should.

What city is next for our style inspiration, no idea. But I know one thing you will have a post next week unless something crazy happens or my boss says come to London & help us with the Olympics (pshhtt in my dreams).


PS I’ve developed Bieber fever & cannot stop playing As Long As You Love Me . I don’t think I want to be cured either considering it’s the closest thing I’ll get to Justin Timberlake.


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