DIY S’mores Bar | Live Segment on CW’s Winging It! Buffalo Style

There’s nothing KC You There loves more than a good dessert table, as seen on our Easter Entertainment piece for Shecky’s. Erin joined Winging It! Buffalo Style for their camp week and turned the dessert table a little more rustic. View the segment here.

Erin on the set of Winging it!

S’mores Bar

Smore’s bars have been popping up every where this season, especially in rustic weddings. This is a great way to incorporate a little DIY and outdoor fun into your reception. If you’re camping, it’s a great way to “glamp” up your campsite.

What you’ll need:

What you’ll need: S’mores Bar

  • Chocolate bars (classic Hershey’s or Ghiradelli’s filled bars do the trick)
  • Graham crackers (experiment with new flavors like chocolate, found at specialty chocolate shops)
  • Marshmallows (Regular will do, but did you know there’s flavored marshmallows, too? Here’s a DIY recipe)
  • Sliced fruit (I used bananas and strawberries)
  • Candies (Reeses, Heath bars, etc..)
  • Roasting sticks (I used shish kabob sticks, purchased at Wegmans)

In a hurry? Make these chocolate dipped marshmallow pops in a few minutes. Just double boil chocolate in a pan, dip marshmallow using a skewer, let set about 30 seconds, then dip into your toppings of choice! The possibilities are endless. I used coconut, peanuts, and sprinkles.

It’s all in the details

Give your guests a take home treat with personalized s’more jars

The finishing touches are all in the detail. Add depth to your dessert table by adding textures and different heights using risers. I used tree trunks and a cigar box. Create centerpieces or nameplates with something guests can take home, like s’mores in a mason jar. A burlap runner or tablecloth can instantly create a rustic feel.

Check out live segment on CW’s Winging It! Buffalo Style here.

Glamp on!



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