WWMD? Jane of the Jungle


1. TIBI Floral Peplum top | Rag & Bone Waxed Jean | Lanvin Lambskin Sandal

2. DVF Herringbone Print Dress | Givenchy Suede Zip Heels

3. Equipment Snakeskin Riley Shirt | Joe’s Jeans High Rise Skinny Jean | Givenchy Cone Heel Sandal

This week’s post is inspired by a jungle trip whether it is the Amazon, Congo or Serengti jungle, the choice is yours. Many animals and vegetations can be found in a jungle from toucans to brightly colored lizards and frogs. Have you seen the ABC now cancelled show The River? It was kind of cool, not going to lie the nerd in me was satisfied somewhat.

Back to the programming at hand all three outfits remind me of something in the jungle whether the amazing flowers that can be found in the jungle or a deadly snake-like an anaconda. My two favorites from these selections have to be the TIBI shirt and the Riley T-Shirt. I actually own the shirt by Equipment and it’s literally something that I want to wear once a week. It’s perfect for work or a night out with friends. I’m a new lover of peplum, at first I was weary of it not going to lie but I’m excited for it as a F/W trend. I definitely could see myself working the top by TIBI all year-long somehow. In the words of Tim Gunn I make it work.

I know this week’s post is uber short but I’m working on something kind of big for you and getting ready to FINALLY launch my own personal blog so you can get a peek into my life. Can’t wait for you to see both of projects that I’ve been dedicating my time to.



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