Mood Boosting Makeup à la Lush Cosmetics

Late-July marked the launch date of the long-awaited LUSH color cosmetics line fittingly named, Emotional Brilliance. Customers are asked to spin the Emotional Brilliance Color Wheel to stir up a personalized color reading. Choose the three colors that stand out the most to you and LUSH will then reveal the words that reflect your current state of mind. The goal is to then wear the color and feel the word throughout the day!

LUSH Co-founder, Mark Constantine, describes the concept of matching psychological needs to which cosmetics one should wear as such:

“You choose the color that represents a word. As long as you believe in that word, it’s got nothing to do with anyone else. When you put it on, you will represent that word because everything about your body language, your pupils, every nuance in you, will convey that word. As long as it means something to you, it’s pertinent. It’s what makes it so revolutionary because it’s actually conveying someone’s need. Instead of fashion, commerce, social norm, celebrity which are all different ways of looking at putting on a color. I mean, it’s still makeup, we’re not going to save the world with it, but it is going to give some people incredible strength.”

The product range includes 13 liquid lipsticks, 11 liquid eyeliners, and 6 cream eyeshadows – all of which are designed with the common goal to wear colors that shape your mood not what’s on trend. All products are multi-purpose. Lipsticks can to subbed for cream blush and liners can be easily blended out for an all-over lid color.

Of course, all products mentioned coincide with the company’s beliefs to offer organic, cruelty free products at a great value for customer.


My selections included:

Dynamic.  A nude-gold liner, that works perfectly as an inner corner highlight and as a soft all over shadow.
Charm. A soft pink lip color – the perfect pink in my book. It’s delicate enough to also dab on the cheeks for a feminine flush.
Independent. A highly-pigmented, classic black liquid liner. The easy to blend formula makes for a nearly foolproof product.

All three of the products are contained in vintage looking jars with medicinal-looking dropper caps. The lip color and cream shadows have doe-foot applicators and the liquid liner tip is fine enough for the perfect winged cat eye.

Take a spin and let us know what you think,



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